clip_image001Jameel Essop is a Director of Unusual Alliance.

Unusual Alliance believes the most significant limiting factor of virtually all companies is the lack of recognition to the fact that everyone in every organization, including the CEO or President is human first – with unlimited human potential. When people are allowed to work to their full human potential, they do their best work naturally, and the organization moves forward in more powerful, creative, innovative and meaningful ways to achieve sustainable bottom line outcomes.

Jameel Essop is Deputy Chairman of STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING NOW.

As Deputy Chairman, Jameel Essop objectives are:

  1. To facilitate and improve the safe return and social inclusion (reintegration) of trafficked persons and to provide direct and indirect support to trafficked persons (legal, social, psychological)
  2. To educate/inform potential victims (risk groups) about the risks of trafficking and educate professional groups about trafficking in human beings, including the identification and treatment of trafficked persons.
  3. To raise awareness, influence public opinion and advise and stimulate governments and other key actors and to take action towards a human rights based approach to anti-trafficking.
  4. To fill the information gap on the situation of trafficking in human beings, by providing accurate statistics and case studies and by analysing and conducting research on the issue, in particular on root causes. To promote the LSI model (a human rights-based approach to anti-trafficking), to support other NGOs and key actors in their capacity, and to stimulate mutual cooperation in (inter)national campaigns; • To further strengthen the La Strada members in their capacity as expert centres and service providers, in particular in relation to their main objectives (social assistance and prevention).

Jameel Essop is an active member of the Human Trafficking, Harmful Traditional Practices, Prostitution, Pornography and Brothel Task Team(HHPPB) in Kwazulu Natal.

This organization is spearheaded by the National Prosecuting Authority, inclusive of all Government Departments, NGO’s and Religious Organizations. The purpose of the task team is to discuss the Prevention, Prosecution and Protection of societies atrocity under the Trafficking in Persons Act 2013. 

Jameel Essop fellowship corporately in Breakthrough City Church, a governing territorial church based in Chatsworth, Kwazulu Natal.

Almost 17 years, Jameel Essop encountered the Lord Jesus Christ at a home cell when Pastor Sandra Pillay prayed. Suddenly within his inner man, he felt this sudden leap and immediately decided to follow Christ. Since that God encounter Jameel Essop has submitted under the leadership of Pastors Tony and Sandra Pillay. Jameel currently serves on the church executive and is a trainee Pastor. Jameel Essop has received full accreditation attending School of Prophets in 2006, Global Leaders Summit annually since 2008 in Malaysia under Dr Jonathan David. Further accreditation Mr Jameel Essop received are from the International Business Congress in 2012 and School of Statesman in 2013/2014. The accreditation has set Jameel Essop apart in becoming a cutting edge leader in society.


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