The ACDP condemns the burning of 6 vehicles and a building during the rioting of students at the University of Kwazulu Natal Westville campus. The ACDP believes our future, as a nation is in education. The ACDP knows that only 16% of black children ever have a chance of tertiary education and we sympathize with the fees must fall movement. A change must come.

However, we cannot protest for a bigger library by destroying the small one we have. When the #FeesMustFall voice was raised, it spoke to everybody, for all of us believed the transformation of education was long overdue. Many role players supported them. Protest is legitimate, violence and arson are not. The ACDP believes the battles on campuses are much bigger than mere duels for better education – at their core is a cry for a just and equal society.

The reported actions of the police who are accused of violence and a rape during the protests are unacceptable. Police should never go to war on its own citizens. It is clear that they still need training on public order policing. The reported rape is the most shocking and unacceptable of all the actions during the protest.

The ACDP calls on the Minister of Higher Education to address the challenges within campuses, challenges of racism and access for qualifying poor students.

This is the right time to seriously address the challenges that are eating away at our society.






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