ps wayne thring

The African Christian Democratic Party offers its condolences and prayers to the families of those who have lost their lives in the terrorist attack in the French capital of Paris.

We condemn in the strongest terms, the cowardly, brutal and barbaric attack by ISIS on the innocent citizens of France. This flagrant attack on the sovereignty of France is not just an attack on the French people, but on the free world at large.

The ACDP notes that the borders of first world countries who have more sophisticated security systems than most countries have been breached and hence calls on the South African government to investigate possible weaknesses in our own defense system so as to prevent such an attack from taking place on South African soil.

The ACDP also calls on the South African government to stand with the nation of France and other nations threatened by and under attack from ISIS. We cannot forget the thousands of Christians, Kurds, Yazidi’s and other minorities who have been slaughtered by ISIS in Iraq and Syria only because their ideology or religion differs from that of ISIS.

This is not the time to cower under the threats and intimidation of any terrorist organisation but it is certainly a time to stand in solidarity with those who support some of the basic tenants of democracy such as the freedom of religion, freedom of the press and the protection of minorities.

If we do not stand up against the villains and tyrants of this world, we may find that there are no friends left to come to our assistance when we are in need.

Wayne Thring
ACDP Deputy President


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