Good- 3


  1. Good Governance is the Art and Science of moving a nation forward Progressively towards her Destiny: Moving the nation against her destiny and away from her destiny will bring reproach and judgement of God. God has not only set appointed times for nation visitation of the Spirit of God but has also her destiny on course. God in His foreknowledge has set the purpose of their existence and will put this eternity into the hearts of the Founding Fathers. God has always intervened in the history of nations by putting His desire into their hearts and raise those who are willing to respond accurately(Acts 7:23). “IT” as it is in heaven came into Moses heart and changed the course of his life. He in turn changed the course of Egypt and Israel.
  • Good governance is achieved it will progressively unfold the way forward towards a better future. The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle will fall in place. History will be understood clearly by the way the present and future unfolds. We can see the hindsight why what happened needed to happen. We can see the handiwork of God in the past and how He is leading us to a preferred future.


  • Accurate leaders are mindful of the destiny of the nation execution and all their promises and policies must lead them closer to nation development and destiny. God sets man with eternity in their hearts and they are driven by these dreams. They are supernaturally positioned to work in such a way to accelerate the cause of eternity. Then God will cause all things to work in such a way to accelerate the cause of eternity. Then God will cause all things to work together for good. God will engineer every situation to fall in place in the lives of those who are called according to His purpose. God directs us and keeps us in His sanctuary of His presence and instructs us in the way we should go.


  • Those in government must recognize we are here to bring the Days of Heaven upon the earth. Our governance must facilitate heaven on the kingdoms of this world. We yield to His authority and power submitting our plans to serve His pleasure. The government of today must know the Ruler of the Earth and Sovereign Governor of the Earth.


  • They must have the ability to chart the course and have the will and courage to push change and sustainable growth towards this direction. When the Executive leadership of any nation sees the future, they will not be embroiled in self or personal or present gratification and short term fixes. We need Politicians who will not become plagued by short-sighted policies that do not provide continuity towards the better future. Every policy, every promise, every effort, every new plan and infrastructure must be built with the future progress in mind. ARE WE GOING FORWARD TOWARDS AN ACCELERATED COLLECTIVE FUTURE?



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